Samson Agbato Consulting provides excellent services in valuation of assets tailored to the specific need of our client. The asset properties can be specialised property; non-specialised property; land and building fully equipped as operational entity (i.e. la nd and buildings, furniture, fixtures and fittings, motor vehicles, plant, machinery and equipment. The purpose of the valuation may be for insurance (fire, theft and loss insurance), share floatation, loan syndication, balance sheet, merger and acquisition, privatisation and commercialisation, joint venture, outright sale/purchase, etc.

The plant, machinery and equipment may include:

Cranes and mechanical handling equipment

Construction equipment

Oil refineries, power stations, mineral undertakings

Petroleum oil installations (upstream and downstream) including drilling rig flow station, refinery, storage depots and pipelines, lubricant blending plant, liquefied petroleum gas installation.

Samson Agbato Consulting is well known for high level of professionalism in the letting and sales of properties. We undertake both pre - development and post construction sales, letting/ leasing of residential and commercial properties. Over the years, we have successfully executed the sales of high rise residential flats on the Island in Lagos State, aside from purpose built shopping complexes.
Our firm is enlisted by First Bank Plc, Sterling Bank, GT Homes, Oceanic Homes, Save Trust Limited, and other Financial Institutions in the disposal of their properties .
Our management services cover securing worthy tenants, management of tenancies, rent collection, service charge administration, property maintenance, and offers professional advice on property insurance,facility management etc. The management of properties ranges from single family dwelling structures to vast residential estates and high rise commercial buildings.

The scope of our professional services expected for facility/property management centred on the following:

Assess the current physical state including all electrical, plumbing and other essential facilities and equipment.

Provide market analysis and pricing guidance for properties to be offered up for sale and/or rent.

Liaise with current and future tenants on behalf of the landlord.

Maintain accurate records of the condition of properties and ensure that all facility systems are in good working order.

Create a schedule of regular maintenance and management of properties.

Provide maintenance and management of properties which may include outsourcing cleaning, security, repairs and other functions to credible 3rd party agents.

Provide technical assistance or support on the presentation of properties for rent.

Maintain the efficiency and good working conditions of the properties.

Samson Agbato Consulting provides comprehensive services to intending investors in real estate. These include Feasibility and Viability studies, Computer-Aided Pre - Investment Analysis of a proposed investment including Cash Flow Projection; professional advice on the desired type of development project, the various financing options available and the best terms suitable for the desired investment.
Our Project Management is very well equipped with experience and expertise in the management of various kinds of project. The team has monitored various projects around the country such as the construction of St. Vincent's Catholic Church, Apapa, Construction of Recreation Centre for British American Tobacco, Construction of Head Office Complex for Consolidated Discounts Limited, Supply of Fittings at Heliconia Courts, Construction of Protea Hotel Owerri, Construction of Onitsha Shopping Mall, amongst others.
Over the years, our firm has been involved in acquisition of lands to meet the specific need of our clients. We specialise in identifying "highest and best use" of land


We help owners manage and seekers find short lets, houses, apartments, offices and commercial properties for rent, for sale and for joint venture development investment.




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